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Scabies Parasites! How They Transmitted to Others? & How You May Get Rid Of Them?

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With every passing day medical science coming with new facts and today’s fact is that a new parasite has been developed that affects the human lives badly. The name of such parasite is Scabies.

These are actually the parasites that exist everywhere in the society.  It has become very easy to get infected by these parasites. These parasites may easily transmit in the human body through various means. The water we drink, the food we eat and even the air we breathe also have parasites. Thus, almost it is not possible to completely save yourself from these parasites.

Scabie is another harmful parasite that not only easily transmitted into the human body through various means but also grows very fast. Clothes, combs, etc are the most common ways of Scabies transmission from one person to another. The most important things that you really need to know about these parasites that they cannot live without host more than 3 days. So as they infect the host, they start progressing quickly. Within a few hours they may lay thousands of eggs and these eggs become larva within a week. Probably these parasites founds in joints and elbows or other private areas of the human body.

You also need to remember that these parasites only attacks humans and not other animals. The most common symptoms of scabies are skin irritation, followed by itching and allergy. These symptoms may easily see in both young and old people, especially females, have greater chances to get victimized by these parasites. The most common places of occurring of the symptoms are fingers, wrists, buttocks, navel area, genitals, neck, face, and elbows, etc. So once you see these symptoms, you need to seek proper treatment as soon as possible.

It seems that people often take a lot of creams and medicines for getting rid of these rashes and itching. These medicines and creams may show a relief for some time, but this is not the right way to get rid of them.

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How You May Get Rid Of the Scabies Parasites

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