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Babesia! A Tiny Parasite! Way to get rid of it

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Bebesioses, which is transmitted by the bite of a tick infected with Babesia, which is commonly found in both animals and humans. There are certain microbes that are transmitted as dangerous diseases to humans and Babesia is also one of those microscopic protozoa that enter into the human’s body through the bite of ticks. There are quite a few non-scientific names of Babesia, such as Bebesioses, Nantucket fever, and Red Water Fever, etc.  Whatever the name is, the most important thing is to have enough information about this parasite, so that we could avoid Babesia infection.

Bebesioses is actually a blood borne disease that is almost similar to malaria and caused by a these tiny parasites. This harmful parasite requires two hosts for completing its life cycle process. The initial host are ticks that makes the sporozites, or the cell version that infects the future host. The second host is the vertebrae host, which parasite used for its growth stage. Hosts cannot get infected by each other as the direct transmission does not happen through ticks. So these ticks are actually the main source of the transmission of Babesia parasites into both animals and humans. Probably these Babesia parasites live in the body of ticks, so as these ticks bites the human or animals, they easily transmit these parasites to them.

These parasites easily live in the various areas of the human body, such as red blood cells or organs in the circulatory system. Once these parasites entered into the human’s body, they spread very fast. This parasite produces large numbers of merozoites or larva within one week which rupture the erythrocytes where they develop. Subsequently the new merozoites infect new erythrocytes, repeating the cycle.  Symptoms of Babesia are almost same like Malaria, that’s why it is really difficult to diagnose.

The cases of Babesia are found almost all over the entire world. Especially Babesia cases seen in Asian countries, like Pakistan, India, China, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. Research also proves that some cases of Babesia are also found in modernized countries like United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, etc.

  • How You May Get Rid Of It

Prevention is better than Cure; better thing is that we should stay away from all these harmful ticks and other mites. But in some cases this seems impossible. So, once you got infected by these harmful parasites, you need to seek proper treatment, and in many cases, alternative methods for eliminating these parasitic diseases such as a parasite cleanse. Through parasite cleanse, you may easily get rid of many kinds of harmful parasites.

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